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April 17, 2020 by Tanja

Dear guest please just specify Your needs and we will replay in short time with proposal.

For urgent request please call +385981740723

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    Dear Traveler,

    Welcome to Croatia! My name is Tanja and I am an experienced travel agent and a licensed tour guide for Croatia.

    My story in tourism was a pure accident. Two of my friends from Mexico came to visit and I wanted to show them the most beautiful places and after they left with a smile, I thought it could become a profession. And it did! But only in a way because on most of my tours I don’t feel like I’m working – I feel like I’m spending time with friends. I love meeting people, learning new things, new customs and sharing experiences. In my 10-year career, I have done everything, from planning tours, organizing them and did the guiding part of the service. I love when I can follow my clients from the initial e-mail to the end of the tour. I like food and wine so I always try to include that experience into our tours. I have a WSET Level 1 in wine and spirits so I design and love to guide wine and spirits tours in Croatia.

    Personally, I also like to travel, especially by car. I love the flexibility that a car gives you – you can easily stop if there is something you like, change the route… I have 2 girls so I’m an experienced traveler with kids – children are always welcome at our tours and we always try to prepare additional content for them.

    Feel free to contact me anytime. Hope to see you soon in Croatia!

    Tanja Gulija Jujnović Agency manager

    Languages: Croatian, English, Spanish